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Summer Makeup Tips - How to Glow not Melt!

You go to all that effort to apply a good-looking set of makeup only to have it melt off you, panda eyes, excess shine, unsightly creases, sweaty smudges. Sound familiar?...

You go to all that effort to apply a good-looking set of makeup only to have it melt off you, panda eyes, excess shine, unsightly creases, sweaty smudges. Sound familiar? We’ve all been there! The more makeup you apply, the more it can tend to crease and melt in the heat. But that doesn’t mean you have to avoid makeup during summer (especially not with all those summer social events!) - you can still get (and keep!) a flawless look with a few simple makeup power moves. 

You’ll want to start with a well-moisturized face. Dehydrated skin produces excess sebum, the enemy of makeup. After your usual skincare steps, apply either a moisturizer with a high UV or moisturizer then sunscreen separately, it’s a personal choice. But you’ll want to be protecting/ fortifying your skin against those harmful UV rays! Primer is also essential to help control oily, sweaty skin and get your makeup to go the distance.

Once you’re moisturized, UV-protected and primed, here’s our tips to summer makeup perfection:


1. Apply setting powder before foundation (yes, before!)

Ok, so you’re probably using a loose powder as part of your process to set your foundation. But, in the sweaty summer months, adding a layer before your foundation can help absorb excess oil in the skin (the goal of beating summer sheen!). Once your base products have dried, use a fluffy brush to apply a light, even coat.

Which powder brush?

 chikuhodo takumi t-1 powder brush

Chikuhodo Takumi T-1 Powder Brush 


2. Less is more when it comes to foundation

When summer turns the heat (and humidity - ehk!) up, a “smothering” layer of foundation might be the last thing you feel like wearing. But let’s be honest, just because summer is more casual doesn’t mean we don’t want even-toned, silky-smooth, luminous skin. The key is to go for a lighter application to avoid your makeup feeling heavy and for less risk of caking or melt-down. Creams, mousses and pressed powder foundation tend to be a little heavy and high “cake-factor” in summer, so a liquid foundation is generally the most popular option.

Using the right brush is essential for light and even, but thorough, coverage. And the right brush will allow you to start minimal and build up as necessary. 

Which brush?

mizuho liquid foundation brush

Mizuho Foundation Brush CMP507, CMP Series


chikuhodo gsn-5 liquid foundation brush

Chikuhodo GSN-5 Liquid Foundation Brush


3. Set the scene with setting powder

Which brush? 

Chikuhodo GSN Series GSN-1 Powder Brush


4. Use bronzer and highlighter for a sun-kissed, even complexion 

We all want that “just got back from Mallorca” look. An even, sun-kissed glow. But it doesn’t always happen like that. So, for times when you need to boost up the glow in summer, or smooth out your complexion from an accidental uneven tan, bronzer and highlighter are your two of your best friends. Use a bronzer to define (remember, the darker the tan, the darker the bronzer), and a highlighter to brighten.

You'll want a brush with soft bristles, to apply powder in a natural, buildable way, but that can also work with precision placement and blending.


Which brush?

chikuhodo z series z-4 cheek/ highlight brush

Chikuhodo Z Series Z-4 Cheek/ Highlight Brush


5. Reach for the liquid eyeshadow (or powder, but not cream)

It’s better to avoid cream eyeshadows altogether in summer, as they can crease easily when the lids become a little sweaty or oily. Powder eyeshadow is better in terms of smoothness and longevity, but liquid eyeliners tend to offer the best staying power.

A flat synthetic brush with firmer bristles works for a solid base coverage. If you're just going for a sheer coat of color, try a fluffier synthetic brush. 

Which brush?

chikuhodo af series af-5 vegan eyeshadow brush

Chikuhodo AF-5 Eyebrow Brush, AF SERIES


chikuhodo af series vegan eyeshadow brush

Chikuhodo AF-4 Eyebrow Brush, AF SERIES


6. Stain those cheeks

Which brush?

7. Stain those lips

Two words: won’t melt. There’s nothing worse than when you think you’re looking fly with lush ruby lips, only to discover the sweaty, oil-inducing heat means your lipstick has jumped off your lips and halfway down your chin. Get a pop of color but without the risk with a lip stain! Apply lip balm, a dap of your favorite lippie, then spread it out a little.

The best brush for this is something that’s precise but soft.

Which brush?

chikuhodo takumi t-10 lip brush

Chikuhodo Takumi T-10 Lip Brush


8. Pressed powder touch-ups

Keep looking fresh with a little attention throughout the day. Carry blotting sheets with you (blot, don’t rub when it comes to a face with makeup on!), and blot the problem zones. Then, use a dab of pressed powder to dull any unwanted shine.

You'll want a brush with soft, fluffy bristles to apply the powder gently and not disrupt your makeup. 

Which brush?

mizuho powder brush

Mizuho Powder Brush, MB Series, $68 

9. Use a setting spray 

This will help keep things where they should be. 


10. Travel touch-ups

Sometimes we need a little help from our friends, ie. a trusty travel makeup brush set so that means you can tweak your makeup as you need throughout the day. 

Which brush set?


chikuhodo makie br8 travel makeup brush setChikuhodo Makie BR-8 Portable Brush Set (3 Pieces)


11. Play with fun, vibrant colors

So you might be more the natural fresh-from-the-beach look in summer, but with the sun out and good vibes going around, it’s the time to bring out that makeup that says, it’s time to play!


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