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Meet the Maker: Tanseido

Meet the Maker: Tanseido

Tanseido brushes are recognizable by their iconic brushes with handles of red, black, and a pearlescent blue rarely found in Fude brush handles. Their natural bristles and fine craftsmanship make Tanseido one of Japan's most popular Fude brands. 

Bristles are typically saikoho for face and cheek; sokoho goat, gray squirrel and kolinsky for cheek and eye brushes; and other materials include red squirrel, pine squirrel, and pony.

Many Tanseido brushes also come with different options for handle length, to suit personal preferences. All brushes receive Tanseido's signature UV-sterilization before leaving the workshop.

Tanseido Brush Code guide

Tanseido brushes follow a naming convention to the formula:

Handle length – Type of bristle – Shape of Bristle – Ferrule size – Special feature 

  • Handle length: Y (long handle), J (short handle), none specified (normal)
  • Type of bristle: A (gray squirrel), E (saikoho), S (squirrel), W (sokoho);
  • Shape: C (round), Q (flat-round), S (slanted), F (flat) 
  • Ferrule size: From 3-33
  • Special feature: T (Tea-dyed)/B (black-dye), S (narrow)

Eg. YSQ14 (long-handle, squirrel, flat-round shape, 14 size ferrule)


A Message from Tanseido’s Representative  


Founded over 80 years ago, Tanseido has built advanced development technology and processing technology as a consistent brush making manufacturer from materials to products in Kumano Town, Hiroshima Prefecture, which boasts the largest production of brushes in Japan. Starting with brushstrokes, we are currently expanding our mainstay makeup brushes and business areas, and by creating brushstrokes that create new value that is not bound by conventional methods, we are contributing to society with little effort. 

Currently, Tanseido is the world-famous top company in the makeup brush industry, and has been adopted by many famous brand cosmetic manufacturers and used by professionals such as make-up artists. As a proud and solid manufacturer, it is highly evaluated both inside and outside the country. 

For makeup brushes, we are taking on the challenge of creating new value, such as providing hygienic and safe brushes using our unique UV sterilization system, and making original makeup brushes with your name engraved on them. In terms of the axis of the makeup brush, we have accumulated techniques such as works that have reached the essence of jewelry using gold and platinum, artistic works that use lacquer, and works that integrate the tip and axis. Utilizing our know-how, we continue to work on original product and technology development. 

We will continue to strive to be a company that fully satisfies each and every customer with the confidence and pride of "brand identity" that can be engraved with "MADE IN JAPAN" as Tanseido. We look forward to your continued guidance and patronage in the future.

Koichi Yamada, Representative of Tanseido Co., Ltd.


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