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Meet the Maker: Bisyodo

Meet the Maker: Bisyodo

Founded in Osaka in 1945, Bisyodo is a Fude specialist with expertise in bristles – the company is the source for many bristles for other brush makers in Japan. Bisyodo's access to, and understanding of, high-quality natural fibers has allowed them to become one of Japan’s most popular Fude brands, loved by professionals, beginners, and makeup enthusiasts alike.  

As an importer and processor of raw materials for Fude brush bristles, Bisyodo has cultivated expertise in making the best use of characteristics of these many hair materials and an ability to bring out the natural qualities of bristles. 

In the ever-evolving world of makeup and cosmetics, Bisyodo continues to push their boundaries to respond and adapt to customers’ needs all over the world. By nurturing and honoring the imagination and ideas at the core of the Fude craft, the company also engages ideas for the industry’s future development. 



Bisyodo Brush Series Guide


Grand Series (New July 2022)

We are extremely excited ot announce the release of Bisyodo's new series, the Grand Series. The Grand Series comprises 8 masterfully handcrafted makeup brushes, each with premium-quality gray squirrel bristles and elegant  ebony wood handles, completed with ferrules plated with 24k gold. Brushes are available individually, or in sets of 5 and 8. 

Browse the Grand Series

Long & Short Handle Series 

Their Long and Short Handle Series are renowned for their elegant African Rosewood handles and silky natural bristles, predominantly saikoho goat. 

Browse Long Handle Series
Browse Short Handle Series


Alba Series

The word ‘alba’ means ‘white’ in Latin. In Italian and Spanish, it represents the dawn, and new beginnings. May a new dawn of beauty begin the moment you hold a brush of this series in your hand. Snow-white saikoho goat bristles are soft and fluffy, with tips that wrap tightly to the skin.

Browse Alba Series


Cheri Series

Cheri is French for ‘loved one.’ This series is made with the highest quality sokoho goat bristles. The design of this brush has a natural feel, with the warmth of wood and a ferrule plated with pure silver. The finish is one similar to a beloved accessory. 

Browse Cheri Series


Futur Series

Leveraging their expert knowledge of the anatomy and performance of natural bristle tips, Bisyodo have developed new series with synthetic bristles. The Futur series is made from innovative synthetic fibers that mimic the feel and application of natural bristles. 

Browse Futur Series


Puffy Series

Bisyodo’s Puffy Series’ are high-density round puff foundation brushes, and can be used for both cream and powder foundation. The thickness of the bristles (around 2.2x that of a regular powder brush) give a velvety feel for the skin, and cover pores with seamless uniform perfection.  

Browse Puffy Series


Rose Series

Bisyodo’s cute Rose Series features powder/cheek brushes with bristles shaped into a flower. The grooves of the petals help create a smooth, even finish for powder application. The brushes are made with soft sokoho goat, meaning they’re gentle to the skin. 

Browse Rose Series



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