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9 Ways to Wear Neon Eye Makeup

9 Ways to Wear Neon Eye Makeup

Natural shimmers and subtle looks are timeless, but one of the biggest makeup trends for 2019 without a doubt is neon eyes. Whether it’s a zip of eyeliner under your eye, a swoosh of mascara, or a full multi-colored cut crease shadow, neon pops with a vibrant, fun, cheeky and confident edge. They also look great on pretty much any kind of skin tone.


Here's 9 Ways to Wear Neon Makeup  


1. Single-color solid eyelid

2. That big rainbow eye party look


3. Pop of color liner 

4. Smudge of color shadow

5. Neon eyeliner waterline 

6. Mixed with a smoky eye

7. Contrasting upper/ lower lids


8. Inner / outer eye contrast


9. Neon brows


The Best Brushes for Neon Makeup

Equip yourself with this set of brushes and start getting snazzed! 


Shadow Liner 

With a firm, slightly tapered tip, these brushes deliver expert precision.

Use for: Precise lines, outer-V, applying product close to the lash line. 
Use with: Powder shadow, cream shadow 

Chikuhodo GSN-11 

chikuhodo gsn-11 shadow liner


Eyeliner Brush

These will help you draw a stable line. Use the side of the brush to draw a strong eye line, and use the tip to work on details.

For: Creating those defined lines, creating creative, a precise but dense application where you need control of the lines 

Use: Cream makeup, powder makeup, liquid eyeliner

Mizuho CMP531


Small Eyeshadow/ Pencil Brush

A tapered head will allow for precise application, but is also a good all-rounder. 

For: Draw cut-creases, outer-Vs, blend, smudge some color in a particular area, run color allow the lash-lash or eye hollow, blend, you name it.

Use: Cream makeup, powder makeup 

Chikuhodo Z-10


Medium Eyeshadow Brush

For: Use the flat base to get solid coverage across the lid
Use: Cream makeup, powder makeup 

Chikuhodo T-7


Brush & Comb

Use for: Separating lashes for mascara, grooming brows 



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