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FREE shipping worldwide for orders ¥40,000+
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Christmas Gift Guide 2019 – Give the Gift of Makeup Brush Joy!

We've put together a list of some of the recent-releases and most popular items from this year, to make your Christmas shopping easier.    1. Chikuhodo Z Series, Z-1 Powder Brush,...

We've put together a list of some of the recent-releases and most popular items from this year, to make your Christmas shopping easier. 


1. Chikuhodo Z Series, Z-1 Powder Brush, $149

Why? This is the holy grail of powder brushes. It’s lightweight, fits in your hand like it was custom-designed just for you, and hits that sweet spot of price, performance and quality. The fact that it’s incredibly soft, but bristles are packed closely together, means you can use it for powder, bronzer, blush, even highlighting and contouring. 

2. Koyudo Heart Brush, $22.50

Why? The heart-shaped brushes are a signature Koyudo product. They're playfully shaped and colored brush that makes you smile every time you use them. Plus, they're not just cute to look at, but highly effective. The double-domed bristles follow the contours of the cheeks, making application easy. Ideal for all face powder, blusher, and bronzer.

3. Chikuhodo AF Series, AF-3 Cheek Brush, $32

Why? The 100% animal-free synthetic fibers of Chikuhodo's AF Series recreates the delicate touch of Chikuhodo's highest grade bristles. The bristles are made from exclusively plant-based material to make them eco-friendly, and have silver sewn into the fiber to make them antimicrobial.

4. Chikuhodo FO Series, FO-1 Powder Brush, $109

Why? The FO Series is the industry's first natural makeup brush made with silver fox bristles. The softness is comparable to gray squirrel, with the strength of goat hair. Encasing the bristles is an elegant olive tinted aluminum ferrule, with a hard maple wood handle that rests smoothly in your hand. 

5. Koyudo Deka FU-PA01 XL Powder Brush, $73

Why? A compact brush in length (110mm), this brush delivers full-sized benefits, with densely-packed, velvety-soft bristles. The sleek black bristles are made from goat hair and arranged in a dome shape, perfect for applying and setting your face makeup. This brush delivers an even, all-over dusting of powder, and can also be used for blush.

6. Chikuhodo Maki-e Series, MK-2 Powder Brush, $159

This seductively beautiful brush is made from high-quality squirrel hair, making it supremely soft on the skin. It’s ideal for both loose and pressed-style powders and is a wonderful brush for base coats, blending touches, and finishing powders. The handle is a stunning collaboration between Chikuhodo and prestigious lacquerware brand Yamanaka-Shikki. Truly a collector's item.

7. Chikuhodo Z-11 Blending Brush, Z-Series, $30

Why? This brush has your back when it comes to blending out transitions for flawless graduation, picking up and depositing just the right amount of shadow, and setting eye primer and concealer so it doesn’t crease. Like the rest of the Z-Series family, it’s soft as silk, so your skin will love it.

8. Chikuhodo G Series, G-10 Liquid Brush, $27

Why? This popular brush has a shorter handle to allow for more agility and faster application. The soft bristles will cover even the smallest details and provide a natural, glowing finish for your skin. Enjoy the ability to apply liquid foundation quickly and with less amount. 

9. Mizuho Makeup Pouch, $23

Why? A stylish makeup pouch to keep brushes safe and sound when traveling, and together and easy-to-navigate at home. It can hold more than 10 brushes, making it popular with professional makeup artists as well as home users.

10. Chikuhodo GSN-9 Eyeshadow Brush, $22

Why? Eyes will pop with a few strokes of this brighten up in beautiful colors with this eyeshadow brush. This eyeshadow brush is dedicated to easy, smooth application of eyeshadow by focusing on the shape of the bristle tip. The volume of the bristle makes it an ideal brush for even application and natural gradation. Enjoy the soft, airy touch of this brush. 

11. Chikuhodo T-6 Large Eyeshadow Brush, Takumi Series, $31

Why? This voluminous bristles of this eyeshadow brush are designed for easy, smooth application of eyeshadow over a large area of the eyelid with a natural gradation. Made from saikoho goat hair, the bristles are lusciously soft. The contrast between the black and red handle and white bristles is a sleek and sought-after combination.

12. Mizuho CMP510 Foundation Brush, $32

Why? It's a versatile foundation brush that can be used for both powder, liquid and mineral foundation. The round, dense bristles are made of very fine synthetic fibers that offer a great balance of softness and durability. With this brush, you can create an even, smooth layer of foundation.

13. Chikuhodo Z Series, Z-10 Eyeshadow Brush, $29

Why? Super soft, super pointy pencil brush that can pick up a solid amount of pigment and can deliver it in precise application. It's great for crease color, as well as blending and diffusing shadows.

14. Chikuhodo Men's SH-9 Grooming Set with Stand, $176 

Why? It's a set of high-end grooming tools to help men look their finest. Plus, they come with a stylish ebony wood stand (the same wood as used for the brush handles). The set includes a brow brush and comb brush, a nail file, tweezers, stainless steel scissors, with a comb. 

15. Gift card

Why? The perfect option for when you can't quite decide. Choose from $25 to $500.

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