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Chikuhodo Kazan Homare Series Update

Chikuhodo Kazan Homare Series Update

Since their first release in 2020, the Chikuhodo Kazan Homare Series brushes have been hugely popular within Japan and around the world. They're loved for their elegant wooden handles and bristles that are silky soft but have excellent product pick up. 

We get a lot of inquires about the restock of these brushes, so we'll be posting any updates here as well as through our newsletter and Instagram


As of 9th June 2021

In stock:


Update on the remaining brushes:

The remaining brushes will hopefully be restocked in coming months, but we are still waiting to hear from Chikuhodo. 


Waiting list and How to hear about restock

We do not keep priority waiting lists at this time, but you can leave your email on the product pages under the 'Notify when available' button. This means you will receive an automatic email once the brushes are restocked.

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