Best Brush Guide by Bristle Type by Sofia Sees Beauty

Trying to decide between natural bristle types? We've partnered with Sofia Sees Beauty for a video on some best examples of the most common different natural bristle types. Check out Sofia's video for details on the characteristics of the bristle types, what products to use with them, the applications and skin types they're best suited for, and more!

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Sokoho Goat

Recommended for: Everyday brushes; products that are harder to pick up (eg. baked powder); cream and liquid products.

Chikuhodo PS-2 Cheek Brush, Passion Series
Chikuhodo PS-4 Eyeshadow Brush, Passion Series

Saikoho Goat Brushes

Recommended for: Baked products; a softer touch and slightly lighter application than Sokoho goat.

Bisyodo B-FD-01 Foundation Brush, Long Series
Biysodo B-C-01 Cheek Brush, Long Series
Koyudo Kakishibuzome Series

Horse/Pony Bristles

Recommended for: Strength, durability, affordability; picking up and blending product; packing on shimmers.

Tanseido 4 x YPQ Eyeshadow Brush Set

Weasel Bristles

Recommended for: Cream and liquid products; Foundation, concealer, liquid eyeliner, cream eyeshadow; Shimmer shades (eg. Natasha Denona, Pat McGrath Mothership palettes).

Eihodo LQ-3 Liquid Brush, WP-Series
Bisyodo B-ES-06 Eyeshadow Brush, Long Series

Squirrel Bristles

Recommended for: Soft and airy bristles; sensitive skin; luxurious appeal; more pigmented products for an even application.

Chikuhodo Z Series (Gray squirrel)
Chikuhodo Makie Series (Gray squirrel)
Kyureido KK-002 Cheek Brush, Kiwami Series (Gray squirrel)
Koyudo Monochrome Cheek Brush (Gray squirrel/ Sokoho goat blend)
Tanseido AQ20 Cheek Brush, AKA 赤 Series (Red squirrel)
Houkodou G-S2 Eyeshadow Brush, Sora Series (Canadian squirrel)
Mizuho MB114 Highlight Brush (Pine Squirrel/ Pony blend)

Silver Fox Bristles

Recommended for: Product pick up similar to goat with the luxuriousness of squirrel bristles; very premium, very special brushes.

Chikuhodo FO Series

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