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Autumn/Winter Makeup Trends 2019 - Looks to Learn Now!

Autumn/Winter Makeup Trends 2019 - Looks to Learn Now!

From arty eyelashes and extravagant eyebrows to post-facial natural glow, the natural beauty boom is making its comeback. From this base, you can choose your way... tune it up, tune it down, add some classic red lips for one of the more classic expressions of the trend. Basically, let yourself play and explore the balance between subtlety and fun. 

The Mod Eyes


Natural Glow



Graphic Arty Eyelashes


Red Lips

While red lips are a perennial look, they are essential to the warm-hued color palette of autumn. Whether hot chili pepper red to add drama and excitement; a deep, powerful maroon-red; a fun fruity pink-red or a classic, sexy scarlet. 


If you're the type who likes to use a lip brush for precision, we recommend the Chikuhodo Z-7 Lip Brush.


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Heavy Brow-bone shadow

Why limit eyeshadow to lids when you can create a dramatic look with a brow-bone shadow?


Punk Intense Eye line.  


Smokey Eyes.



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