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Fukubukuro (fuku 福 = lucky, bukuro 袋 = bag) appeal to the mystery and charm of luck. These mixed bags of goodies originated in the kimono stores of the late 1800s, where leftover fabric was bundled together and sold at the end of the year. From the early to mid-1900s, the custom of the bags made their way into department stores, and are now a highly anticipated time of the year (people share their haul with #福袋 on social media). Fukubukuro vary vastly in contents and price, everything from electronics to groceries, clothing to cosmetics. It’s even rumored that an original Picasso painting was enclosed in a $5 million lucky bag in the 1980s.


We're excited to share a Fude Beauty Fukubukuro. Each contains 5 Kumanofude brushes: 1 x powder, 1 x cheek, 2 x eyeshadow, 1 x lip brush. 


Choose from natural or synthetic bristles. 

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