Chikuhodo 2018 Noel Collection (Rouge)


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A limited-edition set of 6 makeup brushes with a matching pouch.

  • Powder Brush (Grey Squirrel), Length: 165mm, Bristle: 55mm, Shape: Round flat
  • Cheek/Highlight Brush (Grey Squirrel/Saikoho), Length: 142mm, Bristle: 32mm
  • Eyeshadow Brush / L ( squirrel/Weasel ), Length: 126mm, Bristle: 15mm, Shape: Round flat
  • Eyeshadow Brush /M-S (Grey Squirrel), Length: 121mm, Bristle: 11mm, Shape: Round flat
  • Eyebrow Brush, Length: 116mm, Bristle: 5.0/,
  • Lip Brush (Weasel), Length: 121mm, Bristle: 11mm, Shape: Flat
  • Brush pouch 
*Only 10 sets available.
*We may cancel your order in case the pre-order reaches 210

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