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Update to shipping status due to COVID-19

Updated 17th April 2020


Dear Fude lovers 

We would like to update you on the current status on deliveries.

As you may expect, COVID-19 has brought a lot of confusion and delays in shipping worldwide for many industries.


There are four main impacts on our deliveries: 

1. Japan Post temporarily suspended epacket light and SAL from April 2nd.

This has caused some delays, as well as some parcels being returned. 

2. Japan Post put temporary suspension on EMS parcels to 124 countries. 

This has also resulted in some parcels being returned to us in Japan. As a result, we are now using DHL to transport parcels to those 124 countries.

(Please see the full list of countries)

3. There has been a decrease in the number of shipping flights from Japan.

Because of this, parcels can be delayed.

4. Delay in the postage tracking number system. 

Due to international labor disturbances, the postage tracking system is experiencing delays. This means it doesn't always show real-time status updates. 


Current postage methods

Instead of our usual shipping methods (ePacket light and EMS), we we are using DHL for suspended countries.

You may be subject to VAT on delivery, which cannot be covered by Fude Beauty. If you are charged VAT, please let us know and we will provide you with a 10% discount for future purchases.

For any further enqiries, please contact us on 

Thank you for your interest in Fude Beauty!