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FREE Shipping for orders ¥40,000+ Worldwide

GIVE ¥2000, GET ¥2000


Refer your friends to FUDE BEAUTY, and we’ll give you  and them – a reward. 

Gift your friends ¥2000 OFF their first purchase with us of ¥20,000 or more, and you'll receive 2,000 Points when they successfully make their purchase. 


To share your referral code: Log into your FUDE BEAUTY account, navigate to 'Rewards' page (or popup panel), and copy the code to share with your friends  or share instantly through different social platforms. When your friend uses your referral code for a purchase over ¥20,000, you'll have 2,000 points automatically added to your Members Program account. 

To use your referral code: Follow your friend's code, which will take you to the FUDE BEAUTY website. Once you go through checkout, the ¥2,000 discount will be automatically applied for orders of ¥20,000+. 


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