Chikuhodo Kazan Highlight Brush (KZ-5), Homare "Honor" Series


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Delicate, soft, and slightly wavy kanzan squirrel bristles are excellent for powder application. The pointed tip allows precise highlights to be made on small areas easily, the skin and brighten the T-zone and chin.


Chikuhodo Kazan Homare "Honor" Series 
The Chikuhodo Kazan Homare "Honor" Series is the newest release by the prestigious Japanese Kumano Fude makeup brush artisans. Kazan (brown) squirrel is known for its fine, silky hair. The handle is made of dark brown granadillo wood, which has a beautiful grain and smooth, elegant finish.

*Please note, this brush is very delicate natural hair, so please handle it with tender love and care.


Hair material: Kazan squirrel
Shape: Round-flat 
Full length: 150mm
Hair length: 35mm 


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Alexis X.
United States United States
Best highlighter and cheek brush

This brush was rated the best in KZ series best face brush in multiple review, for me it is better than my z2, z4, and z8, can take multiple jobs.

Isabelle M.
France France
So soft

Vert precise and soft !

United States United States
You need the KZ-05

You need a Chikuhodo Kazan Brush period. I was concerned about the shape of this one but it's perfect for highlight. Can't believe the quality and softness of this brush, I think you have to own one to understand. I have other Fude and this one even softer. I'm very happy with my first Kazan brush and now I look forward to purchasing another one.

Philippines Philippines
luxurious softness but...

after watching several youtube reviews of the kazan series i pulled the trigger and purchased myself this KZ-5. as always whenever i have new things, i was in awe and over the moon for some time. i mean nothing as in nothing can ever take the place of this kazan hair when it comes to silky softness. you wont feel anything, it just glides and clings on the skin. i overlooked that i have oily skin in some parts of my face, that is when i realized this type of hair is not for me. I did not buy a brush just to look at, I want to use it! but recently i am just not reaching for it because this type of hair is used for building up product. I said this because I have to go back to the product several times to get the intensity or effect i want. i still use it from time to time when i like to have a subtle highlight. KZ-05 applies soft powders ever so lightly. I might try another KZ like the 01may be a round brush will be better. KZ-05 is best used in swiping motion because it is flat. the point or tip is not apparent after washing unless you keep it with a brush guard. this can be useful in applying undereye finely milled powder it really spreads it evenly.

United States United States
Amazing brush

Excellent quality, silky soft, pleasure to use. Great for blush, highlight, precision setting, contour, bronzer. On the attached picture, from top to bottom there is Chikuhodo Z-4, KZ-5, Sonia G Designer Pro, Wayne Goss Air Brush.

Fude Beauty Chikuhodo Kazan Highlight Brush (KZ-5), Homare Honor Series Review