Chikuhodo Kazan Cheek Brush (KZ-4), Homare "Honor" Series


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Chikuhodo Kazan Cheek Brush (KZ-4), Homare "Honor" Series-Fude Beauty
Chikuhodo Kazan Cheek Brush (KZ-4), Homare "Honor" Series-Fude Beauty

This brush is currently in production and is expected early February 2021. 


Delicate, soft, and slightly wavy kazan squirrel bristles are excellent for powder application. The high-density, high-volume ears allow you to evenly spread the powder on the skin and add soft cheeks.


Chikuhodo Kazan Homare "Honor" Series 
The Chikuhodo Kazan Homare "Honor" Series is the newest release by the prestigious Japanese Kumano Fude makeup brush artisans. Kazan (brown) squirrel is known for its fine, silky hair. The handle is made of dark brown granadillo wood, which has a beautiful grain and smooth, elegant finish. 

*Please note, this brush is very delicate natural hair, so please handle it with tender love and care.


Hair material: Kazan squirrel
Shape: Round 
Full length: 150mm
Hair length: 35mm 


Chikuhodo Kazan Cheek Brush (KZ-4), Homare "Honor" Series-Fude Beauty
Chikuhodo Kazan Cheek Brush (KZ-4), Homare "Honor" Series-Fude Beauty
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Isabel A.
United States United States
Wonderful addition to my collection

This brush is so incredibly soft that it makes the application of loose powders amazing. It also just picks up the right amount for a flawless finish. I am so happy to have it in my collection.

Ella C.
Australia Australia

I have literally never touched a brush this soft. The Kazan squirrel hair is noticeably softer than grey squirrel. It’s a luxurious experience applying makeup with it!! No 4 is the perfect size for blush, contour, lose powder and more!

United States United States
Is it possible something can be softer than silk?

I can't describe how soft this is! I have a bright colored blush that I've been afraid of using but with this brush, the soft bristles pick up and deposit just the right amount of color I like. Beautiful, flawless application. Sometimes I end up over-applying it but only because I just can't help but swirling the brush on my face over and over and over and ove because it is so soft... I just want a giant brush or something made of these bristles and keep rubbing on my face :) . As always, Fudebeauty customer services are very prompt

Germany Germany
So soft

This brush is so beautiful and the application with this is a dream. I love it!

julie Z.
United States United States
too soft for oily skin

wonderful brush if you have dry/sensitive skin, it's too soft and easily tangled with oily skin, so be advised. for me it's 3 stars just for that reason alone, not practical to use.