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Pure Luxury & Craftsmanship: Chikuhodo Maki-e Makeup Brush Series

Undoubtedly one of the prettiest sets of makeup brushes in the world, Chikuhodo's Maki-e Series capture the essence of Japanese culture, tradition, craftsmanship and attention to detail. 

An asset to any collection, this exquisite collection of makeup brushes is worth getting to know better! 

The Maki-e Lacquerware Technique 

Maki-e (‘maki’, meaning sprinkle, and ‘e’, meaning picture or artwork) is a traditional Japanese technique to create splendid designs on lacquerware that was developed more than 1000 years ago. Artisans use a fine brush is used to paint a design on the surface of a product, then gold, silver, and sometimes colored powder is sprinkled over the top. Around 400 years ago, large volumes of maki-e were exported to Europe, making the Japanese technique renowned and coveted throughout the world.


Chikuhodo collaborated with prestigious lacquerware brand Yamanaka-Shikki, from Ishikawa Prefecture, to produce the stunning range of Maki-e brushes. Yamanaka-Shikki have been producing their premium-quality maki-e lacquerware since the late 16th century, and have received a Royal Warrant in recognition of their exemplary work. 


MK-KO Powder Brush, Koi (Carp) Design

Released in June 2020, this gorgeous brush is a collaboration between artist Hideki Kimura and Yamanaka Maki-e. The handle features Kimura's carp motif embossed in gold and colors on the handle. Carp fish are called “koi” in Japanese and are very symbolic in the culture. They represent luck, prosperity, and good fortune. Enjoy the soft and smooth touch of bristles made 100% of the finest gray squirrel. Shop now


MK-UM Powder Brush

This stunning powder brush from Chikuhodo is made from 100% gray squirrel bristles, completed with a handle of plum blossoms in Yamanaka-Shikki lacquer work. Compared with some other premium Chikuhodo powder brushes, the bristles are a little shorter, which increases the density so you can enjoy a firm and smooth touch. Shop now


MK-MO Powder Brush

chikuhodo maki-e brush mk-mo powder brush

Encased in a elegant traditional Japanese packaging, this brush is pure luxury and craftsmanship that is worth the investment and is guaranteed to leave you speechless. Made with bristles of 100% fine blue squirrel hair, it’s super soft. The softness combined with densely packed bristles means the bristles pick up ample product and glide over your skin to evenly disperse just the right amount of powder. 

The handle of this exquisite brush features a unique wave motif, iconic to Japanese culture. The satin-matte finish of the handle and ferrule creates a sophisticated, timeless finish. Use this brush for a range of powder applications from bronzer to blush and setting powder. It feels wonderful to hold and is a true work of art in all respects. Shop now

MK-1 Powder Brush

chikuhodo maki-e brush mk-1 powder brush

The full and densely packed bristles of this brush means it can pick up powder and apply it evenly across the face for a polished look every time. This brush is ideal for base coats, as well as for adding finishing or blending touches. It’s slightly denser and more flared out that the MK-2 Powder Brush, so the choice will come down to your personal prefecture. The maki-e lacquer design of the handle is a stunning peony floral arrangement. Shop now

MK-2 Power Brush

chikuhodo maki-e brush mk-2 powder brush

This seductively beautiful brush is made from high-quality squirrel hair, making it supremely soft on the skin. It’s ideal for both loose and pressed-style powders and is a wonderful brush for base coats, blending touches, and finishing powders. The full and densely packed bristles mean it can pick up powder and apply it evenly across the face for a polished look every time. Shop now

MK-11 Portable Powder Brush

chikuhodo maki-e brush mk-11

The maki-e detail work on this powder brush is simply divine. But not only is it pretty, it’s super convenient and portable for traveling.  It’s a little longer and wider than the MK-11 cheek brush, and, with bristles a mixture of high-grade gray squirrel and goat hair, it works efficiently and effectively to apply powder and bronzer touch up foundation, and as a finishing brush. Enjoy a soft, smooth touch that will work for both light and heavier powder makeup applications. Shop now

MK-12 Portable Cheek Brush

chikuhodo maki-e brush mk-12 cheek brush

Functional and fancy, the MK-12 Cheek Brush is about the size of a tube of lipstick when retracted. The case is decorated with a pretty cherry blossom flower design. The bristles are a combination of grey squirrel and horse, meaning they’re very soft and not at all scratchy, but make them an affordable little treasure. 

This brush is ideal for applying blush and highlighter over cheekbones, adding a little radiance and definition to decolletage, and touching up T-zone throughout the day with a dust of powder foundation. Shop now

MK-15 Portable Lip Brush 

If you love lip brushes, you’ll love the precision placement of color, gloss and shimmer they allow for lips, and for blending lip liner and lipstick. Made from resilient weasel hair shaped to a flat-edged tip, this brush is your answer to looking immaculate throughout the day or while traveling. Shop now

Chikuhodo BR-8 Makie Portable Brushes

chikuhodo maki-e brush portable brushes

Luxury on-the-go! Just because you’re traveling, running around town, or at the offices, doesn’t mean you can’t keep beautiful makeup brushes by your side. Chikuhodo’s Maki-e portable brushes are compact and light, making them easy to pop into a handbag or suitcase, and feature the stunning detail work signature of the Maki-e series. Shop now

Makeup Brush Box

This Maki-e box is an excellent companion to Chikuhodo's MK-series brushes. You can store your favorite brushes inside, or can be used as a fancy decorative box. It comes in three colors, to fit your personal style. Shop now





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