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Free worldwide shipping for orders ¥40,000+
Free worldwide shipping for orders ¥40,000+
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Japanese Beauty Tips: Spring/Summer Makeup Trends 2018

Written by Ana ViguerasEdited by Hiro Kano There is a seamless transition between winter makeup trends and Spring/Summer makeup trends in Japan. Let me show you what some of the...

Written by Ana Vigueras
Edited by Hiro Kano

There is a seamless transition between winter makeup trends and Spring/Summer makeup trends in Japan. Let me show you what some of the trends of the Spring 2018 season are and how you can create them using some of our favorite Japanese makeup brushes from Koyudo and Chikuhodo. 

Makeup Trend 2018 #1: Glow

One thing that I always notice is how much Japanese women glow, and that is one trend of the Spring 2018 season.

The glow has been a makeup evolution. It started with a dewy skin look, slowly growing more wet and slick. Playing with contour and highlighting eventually evolved into a method called “strobing” which completely avoids a lot of the contour process. Strobing means to highlight areas under your eyes and cheekbones and this is exactly what the glow trend is recreating. Beauty trends in America, Japan, and all over the world associate “glowing” with health so take advantage of this trend to finally achieve your ultimate shine.



How to recreate the look:

Take one look at these photos and you can see that “Glow” is all about highlighter and carefully applied eyeshadow. Choose any gold, pink, or bronze highlighter from your favorite makeup brand and be bold with your glow.

We recommend any of the Koyudo or Chikuhodo brushes for this application, for careful application and precise control. These are the few best-selling recommendations.

Koyudo C015P Finishing Brush 

Eyeshadow brushes from the Chikuhodo GSN series

Makeup Trend 2018 #2: Bright Colors

Orange, Pink, Reds, Yellows, Lavenders, Yellow or…BLUE! Bright Colors in your makeup but also bright colors in your clothing! It is not just any kind of bright,  however. If you choose to use bright colors in your makeup, make sure it is matte or the signature 2018 sparkle. Bright yellows and oranges are popular but I’ve seen turquoise blue all over Instagram and beauty blogs posts.

How to recreate this look:

Similar to glowing, you need a powerful eyeshadow tool to nail this look!

Because you will be trying many different colors of makeup, why not opt for a variety of eyeshadow brushes such as the Chikuhodo artist series? The artist series has a wide selection of eyeshadow brushes to choose from, all developed and designed for a professional makeup artist! It will help your look to be more professionally done and smooth

To match your bright makeup why not make your makeup kit more bright and also use a matching colorful tool as well? Koyudo Flower Series powder brush or a Chikuhodo Passion series in BRIGHT pink will be your perfect choice!

Makeup Trend 2018 #3: Matte Natural or Sensual Lips

While glitter lips and glossy lips have been popular last year and this winter, I want to emphasize matte lips for Spring and Summer! Because the eye look is already very wet and sparkly, the lips should be either natural or darkly sensual but matte to contrast with the strong eye makeup. Red lips with a strong line are especially popular. Overdrawn lips are easy to accomplish with a lip liner and will make you look younger and fresher. Just remember–matte is this Spring and Summer go-to!

Natural Lips – lip gloss/lip cream


Sensual Lips

How to recreate the look:

If you are a busy woman, chances are that you are going from a natural look to a sensual look all in the same day., if so, why not have a makeup brush to keep up with your needs?

Chikuhodo, the Japanese Makeup brush manufacturer makes a portable makeup brush series for a busy woman like you. The portable series comes with the portable lip brush and liner brushes.

Koyudo, Japanese makeup brushes manufacturer also have their own portable brush series. A portable lip brush comes in two colors, pink and black.

With these brushes, you’ll be ready for whatever the day has planned for you!

Makeup Trend 2018 #4: Underliner

Perfect for events like a music festival, everyday wear with a twist, or a night out with friends or your lover. It is not impossible to recreate and it also is about something noticeable but can be extreme or toned down depending on your comfort zone. Just try it!



How to recreate the look:

Watch this tutorial video for a detailed overview:

Start with the bottom lash line with the bright color you want to apply. Start by applying only a little, and gradually build up the amount you feel comfortable with (but do not be scared!). Line the bottom waterline with a liner of any color you want, just make sure it pops! Then taper the ends of the bottom lash line to angle outward. I recommend you do not put eyeshadow on the upper lid, but this really depends on the occasion you are wearing makeup for. Finally, apply mascara. This can be black, brown, or colored mascara but make sure to be bold with the mascara as well.

Ana V’s choice: Cosmetic Recommendations 2018 Spring

This blog would not be complete without personal recommendations for Spring and Summer makeup. Some makeup is new to the 2018 season, and some were released in previous years. The key to the Spring and Summer 2018 makeup trend is that it is a culmination of already popular items–for example, the highlighter has already been used previous years but in 2018 we are using MORE! Bright colors are a favorite for Spring trends but now we are using MORE! and finally, every makeup savvy woman must have some kind of matte lipstick in their possession right? Spring and Summer 2018 makeup trend is perfect because this way you do not have to purchase an entirely new makeup kit, you can work with what is already in your toolbox.

This list has culminated from my personal usage but also research from incredible beauty vloggers and bloggers.

List of Ana V’s Makeup recommendation in order of usage


MAC strobe moisturizer
Moisturizers and luminizes skin for underneath makeup or for extra glowing power

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Highlighter


Shiseido Yamabuki Eyecream Yellow


NARS Dual Intensity Eye Shadow 


Too Faced Chocolate Gold 

Colour Pop Give it to Me Straight

BH Cosmetics Weekend Festival Eyeshadow Palette


Too Faced Chocolate Soleil

Natural: Clinique Chubby Stick Lip Moisturizing Balm

MAC Liptensity Lipstick
Favorite sensual color: Marsala

The makeup for Spring and Summer 2018 is all about a strong eye with either the glow factor or a bright pop of color.

Highlighters will sell big! It seems like conventional makeup is being thrown to the side to make way for a more fantasy, cute while at the same time mature look. But I love it and I hope you do too. At the same time, matte eye creams and lipsticks are equally as popular–the complete opposite but it is the contrast of the looks from one day to the next which will help you feel fresh and excited with your makeup throughout the spring and summer of 2018.

If you pair your favorite highlighters, eyeshadow palettes, and matte lipsticks with any of the Chikuhodo makeup brushes or any of the Koyudo Makeup brushes, your look will not only be trendy but also flawlessly applied.

I understand the hassle of keeping up with the latest trends. Everyone wants to feel beautiful and confident as we strip away our winter layers. With the sun shining, and this blog to help through the makeup process, I hope that you can enjoy the 2018 Spring and Summer Makeup trends. Because at the end of the day, makeup is about having fun to be the very best version of yourself.

Which Spring and Summer 2018 makeup trend will you try? Which Japanese makeup brushes will you purchase? Feel free to email us with questions or comments!

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