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How to Draw Your Eyebrows like a Pro

How to Draw Your Eyebrows like a Pro

Now that you've trimmed your brows to their perfect natural shape, it's time to give them a little boost with some makeup love. 

With guidance from Namiko Fujiyama, a former developer for a Japanese cosmetic brand and makeup specialist, we’ll show you to shape your eyebrows like a professional makeup artist.

Drawing a Basic Eyebrow shape


Things you need:

  • Time: 10 min
  • An Eyebrow Pencil
  • An Eyebrow Powder
  • An Eyebrow Brush
  • A Screw Brush
  • A mirror & good lighting

Step 1: Draw a line from the peak to the end

how to draw eyebrows
Draw the outer end of your eyebrow

Take one eyebrow pencil, and decide where your peak point #1 should be, and where your brow ends by placing a dot there. Connect two dots by drawing with an eyebrow pencil.


SUQQU Pencil Eyebrow: JPY 4,000

how to draw eyebrows

Produced with utmost care on the balance of thickness and hardness of the pencil core. A waterproof type that works great even on the oily type skin. Comes in two colors; grey and brown.

We offer a concierge proxy shopping service for Japanese cosmetic brands, such as SUQQU through our partner website, A-Janaika Japan. 



Should the eyebrow color match hair color? 

Pick the color similar to your natural hair color for the eyebrow powder, and use eye mascara one color lighter than your powder, to make your eyebrow better match the hair without making it look too unnatural.

If you have dyed hair, unless you have your brows also dyed in the same color, it is generally a good idea to stick to your natural hair color for the eyebrow.


Step 2: Draw an outline of the brow from the inner corner

how to draw eyebrows 
Start from the innermost side of the eye, and draw eye eyebrow line towards the peak

Start from the center of your face, and draw lines parallel to each other. You can give a different impression by drawing the eyebrow line in a straight manner or the curved/arched manner. This heavily depends on your natural facial line.

*Designing tip: if you make your eyebrow thinner, it would give more mature, elegant look. If you make it bolder, it would give you stronger, willful impression. It’s fun to try out the different thickness of your eyebrows, to see what fits you the most depending on the mood. 


Step 3: Use Eyebrow powder to fill in the gap with an Eyebrow brush 

how to draw eyebrows 
After drawing the outline, fill it in with eyebrow powder and eyebrow makeup brush

Take some eyebrow powder on the edge of the eyebrow brush, and gently stroke your eyebrow starting from the center and towards the end of brows. Use small zig-zag movement, to firmly apply powder not on the eyebrow hair but on the skin underneath it like described in the picture on the right.


Step 4: Blur the edge of your eyebrow with a brush

Use eyebrow brush or a screw brush to smooth out the edges for a natural finish. The innermost and outermost side of the brows should be lighter than the center.

how to draw eyebrows 
Use the same brush to blur out the edge of your brow design

You can use any Recommended Eyebrow Brushes from the Japanese high-end Makeup brush brands.

Recommended eyebrow brushes

Z-6 Eyebrow Brush: $40

how to draw eyebrows

Tame unruly brow hairs and create smooth, beautiful brow line with this brush!

  • Hair: Tanuki raccoon dog hair
  • Bristle shape: flat
  • Bristle length: 5-7mm

GSN-13 Eyebrow brush: $18

With its diagonal shape of bristle, this brush is perfect for drawing detailed and natural eyebrow lines effortlessly.

how to draw eyebrows
  • Hair: Tanuki 
  • Bristle shape: diagonal
  • Bristle length: 4.5-5.5mm
  • Total length: 175mm

Koyudo BP045 Eyebrow brush: $24


how to draw eyebrows
  • Bristle Material: Weasel
  • Bristle Shape: slanted
  • Bristle Size: 6mm


Shop for eyebrow brushes


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