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Hi Fude Fans!

We want to try something fun ^_^

Over the last 18 months in and out of lockdown, we know you've been honing your makeup skills with your Fude brushes and would love to share some of the looks you've been creating!

Starting Sunday June 12th (JST), we'll be running a makeup challenge related to a Japanese seasonal color or cultural event. There will also be a prize each month! 


How it works

1. We'll announce the monthly makeup challenge on this page, as well as our Instagram page.

2. You create a look that incorporates the color or theme of the month – it can be with eyeshadow, graphic eyeliner, colored lashes, bold lips, blushed cheeks... whichever! 

3. Post your photo to Instagram with the hashtag #fudebeautymakeupchallenge + Tag 2 friends + Note at least 1 Fude brush stocked by Fude Beauty that you used to create your look (you can browse our collection here) + sign up to the Fude Beauty newsletter (if you haven't already!). 

3. We'll share your images on our Instagram and website for the world to see your skills!

4. Entries close June 30th 2021, and 1 entry will be selected at random on July 1st 2021 by the hashtag #fudebeautymakeupchallenge.

Please note, the draw will be selected with Arbitery and the winner must meet all requirements on Step 2 and meets the terms of the giveaway Terms & Conditions.


    The challenge for June (6月, 'roku-gatsu')


    Wakatake-iro is a classic seasonal color (四季の色 'shiki no iro') for summer in Japan. Meaning 'the color of young bamboo', it's refreshing and vivid shade of green tinged with blue and is reminiscent of strong young bamboo trunks. In English it might be described as 'Jade Green'. Wakatake-iro is often used for summer houmongi and furisode kimono. 

    See more more color inspiration for #若竹色


    The prize for June: Koyudo F-03 (Fu-Pa02) 




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