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Best Makeup Brush Sets for $100 and Less

Best Makeup Brush Sets for $100 and Less

Whether you're looking for a set to start your Fude brush journey, for something unique, or something for a gift, this list has you covered. Fude sets range greatly in the contents and price — from $50 to more than $2,000. Here, we've selected a range of brush sets that you can pick up for $100 and under. All are handmade by Japanese artisans and use the best quality materials available and draw on centuries of brush-making tradition. 

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Kyureido KW 5-Brush Set, K Series, $50

Recommended as a starter set to Fude brushes. A very reasonably priced set with natural bristles and elegant pearl-white handles.


Koyudo Brush & Tatami Fabric Pouch Set, $52

This unique set comprises a cheek brush and lip brush together with a pouch made of tatami-beri, the decorative trimming that runs along the long edge of tatami mats. The cheek brush is made from soft sokoho bristles, and the lip brush from kolinsky, which allows product to be applied neatly and tightly. The set comes in a paulownia wood box, making it ideal for a gift.

Tanseido Tea-Dyed Set, $55

This 2-brush set comprises the WS12TS Eyeshadow/Concealer Brush, with slanted-flat bristle tips that make it convenient for both concealer and eye shadow application, as well as the MF4 Eyeliner Brush, a flat-type eyeliner brush that can be used in a variety of eye makeup application, as well as concealing small areas.


Chikuhodo Chikuhodo 3-Brush Starter Set, Regular Series (S-R-5), $56

This is a great set for anyone getting started in Fude makeup brushes. It includes a cheek brush, eyeshadow brush, and eyebrow brush/comb, all with soft natural bristles, and comes with stylish black storage box.


Chikuhodo 5-Brush Makeup Brush Set S-16, $60

This handy little set includes a cheek brush, two eyeshadow brushes, eyebrow brush/comb, lip brush, and a matching case. Brushes are available exclusively in this set (not sold separately). 


Chikuhodo 3-Brush Gift Set BR-2, $65

This three-piece set from Chikuhodo is the perfect gift for weddings, Christmas, and other celebrations. It consists a classic cheek brush, eye brush, and a lip brush, all wrapped up in a cute box.

Tanseido Basic Set (1), $68

A great value set with three excellent Tansideo brushes: WH 14B Highlight Brush, WQ12S Eyeshadow Brush (tea-dyed saikoho bristles), and TRO lip brush. Available in black, blue and red handles.


Tanseido Basic Set (2), $68

A great value three-piece set that comes highly recommended by Tanseido. Features a cheek brush, lip brush, an eyebrow screw brushes, and a case. Handles are available in red, black and blue.


Chikuhodo 4-Brush Eyebrow Set, $72

Draw, blur, create a three-dimensional effects for your brows with this comprehensive kit. Includes two eyebrow brushes, screw brush and a nose shadow brush.


Houkodou BZ-1 Foundation Brush, Case & Shampoo Set SS-8, $81

This 3-piece set includes Houkodou's popular BZ-1 Foundation Brush, made from saikoho goat and loved for its flawless application of liquid, cream and powder foundation. The case is designed for the BZ series, convenient for travel and touch-ups on-the-go. Houkodou's Sham Plus is a plant-derived brush cleaning agent. Unlike other detergents on the market, this shampoo is non-silicone, non-alcoholic, and contains collagen. Comes in a gift box. 


Chikuhodo BR-6 Portable Makeup brush 3-Brush Gift set, K Series, $89

This compact set allows you to effortlessly create polished looks wherever you go, whether you're after a natural glow or something more dramatic. The sleek and stylish K-series brushes feature slim silver handles and come with a gift box. Brushes include a powder brush and cheek brush of sokoho goat, and a nylon eyeliner brush.


Mizuho Essential Color: 4-piece set with bag FDPR-SET-7, $100

This brushes from Mizuho's PM Series includes a powder brush, cheek brush, eyeshadow brush, and eyebrow brush/comb, all with pink handles with a soft and subtle shimmer. The brushes in the set are dense, fully packed with just right amount of resilience. Comes with a soft brush bag. 


Tanseido 4-Brush Eyeshadow Set, $100

This popular set from Tanseido includes four eyeshadow brushes made with high-quality sokoho bristles. Brushes include bristle lengths of 7mm, 9mm, 15mm, and 17mm to cover a wide range of eye makeup applications and allow you to create a variety of looks.

Tanseido Eyeshadow 4-Brush Set PQ, $100

A great value set with a four eyeshadow brushes and a case. The brushes feature handles available in red, black and blue, as well as soft natural bristles.


Tanseido Eyeshadow 4-Brush Set YPQ, $100

A longer-handle version of the PQ set, another great value set with a four eyeshadow brushes and a case. The elegant long handles (available in red, black and blue).





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